Brandon Lord Ross

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Brandon Lord (Laird) Ross is an artist, musician, filmmaker, and aspiring actor currently residing in Ambler, Pennsylvania.

His artwork is influenced by the work of Kandinsky, Chagall, Munch, Aubry Beardsley, as well as primitive/folk art, and the Gnostic belief in “Archons”. His goals are to merge the sacred and profane, the esoteric with erotic. To create a visual meta-language of symbolic subconscious imagery.

He is also founding member / bass guitarist of the avant / progressive rock band the Red Masque and has composed two rune tone songs for the website of Inventor Karl Welz.

As a self taught artist, he has been creating artworks prolifically and shows in various galleries, venues, screenings and juried exhibitions.

"Always having an interest in art, metaphysics, and creating intuitively, I began doing several drawings, and then paintings, and oil pastels, and noticed a repeating theme-mostly strange figures surrounded by or connecting to geometric shapes, stryations, and patterns that seem to part of each other. These pictures invoke something deep in the psyche, and are eerily familiar in many ways. I believe what is depicted is a truer more pure reality and that we may be in the “canvas” of these beings."

"I think the ultimate goal for a person should be to achieve personal and spiritual freedom and live life on your own terms and if somehow “drawing” things out can go towards achieving these ends then intuitive art especially what exists on the “outside” is a highly valuable resource."

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